ZeoTec Series with zeolite in the granule

  zeotec oleozil O l e o z i l       zeotec aragon A r a g o n

Nitrogen N 18%
Phosphoruς P205 7%
Potassium K20 12%
Magnesium Mg0 4%
Iron Fe 0.1%
Borio Β 0.5%
Zeolite 10%


Νitrogen N 12%
Phosphorus P205 6%
Potassium K20 18%
Magnesium Mg0 5%
Iron Fe 0.1%
Zeolite 10%

  zeotec kamar K a m a r       zeotec zeorgan Z e o r g a n

Νitrogen N 12%
Phosphorus P205 12%
Potassium K20 12%
Magnesium Mg0 3%
Iron Fe 0.1%
Zeolite 10%


Νitrogen N 4%
Phosphorus P205 10%
Potassium K20 20%
Magnesium Mg0 6%
Iron Fe 0.1%
Zeolite 10%

  zeotec fertfill F e r t f i l l Zeo       Zeotec Ores  Ores 

Zeolite 20%
Calcium Ca0 47%

Potassium K20 0.25%
Silicon Si0 7%
Magnesium Mg0 19%
Iron Fe 0.1%


Zeolite 10%
Νitrogen 10%
Phosphorus P205 16%
Potassium K20 20%
Zinc 0.05%

  zeotec zeokali Zeokali          
  Zeolite 10%
Potassium K20 30%
Magnesium Mg0 10%

New series of mixed fertilizers

Zeolite is a natural porous mineral with tremendous ion exchange capacity. It acts as a water filter and binds metals and organic compounds. It also binds  soil nutrients and keeps them close to the root system of plants for a longer period. Enriches  soil with elements such as CaO, MgO, K and Fe.

As a 100% natural product it can be used in organic farming, and work synergistically with chemical fertilizers. The coexistence of zeolite in the fertilizer granules, gives the following results when applying:

  • Binds water and ZEOTEC firtilizer nutrients, keeps them close to the root system of plants and releases them in a long term.  In that way increases  firilizer efficiency, binding a great percetange of nutrients that would be lost due to rain and watering, thus reducing cost of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Binds moisture (especially in sandy soils) and thus increases the time between waterings. Improves soil structure and acts as a reservoir of ammonia, increasing the utility of nitrogen.
  • Improves soil aeration and enriches its elements, in combination with the macro (N, P, K) of ZEOtec fertilizer series, and nutrients that binds and regulates. This achieves crop growth, as the soil becomes more effective because of the improvement in physico-chemical and nutritional skills.
  • Offers impressive results in the growth of the plant, increases the resistance of the root system in parasitic diseases (eg nematodes), increasing the production and quality of agricultural products.
  • By using less fertilizer and water, promotes good land management and pollution reduction.
  • Strongly favors olive crops, vines, rice, potato, tomato, cucumber, pepper, citrus trees and oporoforon, increasing production and the product quality and sustainability, specially when contained in the fertilizers granule, and t.

Zeotec Fertilizer series, give soil great cation exchange capacity, larger than any other fertilizer, due to the content of zeolite in the granule.