BHP has developed and keeps developing partnerships with universities in Greece and abroad, for the continuous research and production that improve balance and health of plants. We achieve cost savings of culture, high levels of quality on productivity and better utilization of soil's bounded elements.


The importance of humic and fulvic acids in plant nutrition, has pushed the industry to become one of the largest production units in these products, which are the very essence of fertilization.


Our belief is that plant nutrition is the feed of our food, for that we are cautious in producing, developing and improving our products, so they are environmentally friendly, do not leave Nitrate Residues in the aquifer and in the final product of the culture that goes to the consumer.



We strive to ensure better food for a better world through outstanding crop solutions and we are proud of the quality of service we provide to our customers




BHP, Organo-humic Fertilizers Production Industry, was founded in 2004. Since then plays an important role in development, production, packaging and standardization of liquid Organo-humic industry sector.

Our extensive experience, expertise of our staff, investment in high-tech technological equipment, ISO certification and ongoing research - development on nutrition needs and crops are the reasons why BHP is at the forefront in the field of liquid Organo-humic.



The design and construction of facilities, were made ​​according to the highest technical standards, with premium priorities the production process, quality control, environmental policy and safety regulations.


Hearkening to concerns of Greek and European agriculture for a more friendly and clean environment, supporting the development and promotion of soil-enhancing organo nutrient organic products of animal origin.



 ΒΗΡ Fertilizers that change agricultural data

Industry Facilities