Fertfill Zeo


   zeotec fertfill 
    S y n t h e s i s  
    Calcium CaO
arrow 47%  
    Potassium Κ2Ο arrow 0.25%  
    Magnesium MgO arrow 19%  
    Iron Fe arrow 0.1%  
    Silicon SiO arrow 7%  
    Zeolite arrow 20%  
    P a c k a g i n g  
    Sack arrow 40Κg  

With zeolite in grain

Suitable for organic farming

FERTFILL ZEO is an excellent soil-enhancer for all terrains and particularly for low Ph. It is suitable for all crops.

When applying, ensures excellent digestibility of soil elements and large water savings due to the stereochemistry of zeolite.